Fishermen’s Terminal at Salmon Bay

Fishermen’s Terminal was originally known as Fishermen’s Headquarters, which was dedicated on January 10, 1914. Today, this Port of Seattle facility at Salmon Bay provides an ideal freshwater home port for mooring hundreds of commercial fishing vessels, including gillnetters, purse seiners, trawlers, and trollers, as well as fish tenders and processing vessels. For more than a century, the busy facility continues to be where many commercial fishermen repair, maintain, and resupply their vessels. On the center plaza at Fishermen’s Terminal is the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial, which is dedicated as a tribute to those people connected to the commercial fishing industry who have suffered loss of life at sea. Fishermen’s Terminal is also a rare industrial facility that allows public visitation. With numerous restaurants and fish markets, as well as a self-guided walking tour of the docks created by the Port of Seattle, Fishermen’s Terminal is a great place to experience a true working waterfront—and sample some of the region’s famous seafood.

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Address3919 18th Ave W
Zip code98119